Drum Lessons in North Yorkshire

Drums are one of the best instruments to learn because of the skills you gain. Practice will help to improve your coordination, timing and concentration whilst also providing a useful stress relief. If that wasn’t enough drumming teaches you to recognise and appreciate the heartbeat of different musical styles. If you want to take drum lessons in North Yorkshire there is no better provider than School of Percussion.

What can I learn?

The great thing about taking lessons with us is we can create a programme to suit your needs. Some people come to us looking to progress through the official drumming grades. We can help with this and instructor Steve Blakeburn has a 100% pass rate. He will ensure you master the right skills and are ready for each formal exam.

Other people are looking to take their skills to the next level, learning how to perform live or exploring different musical styles. We can also help with this. Steve has performed around the world and toured with a number of different artists. He can therefore offer plenty of useful advice and tips.

A drumming programme can begin with the basics of drumming and advance as far as you want it to. We can explore various musical styles, from rock and reggae to Latin and Cuban. You can also learn sight reading, ensuring you can read sheet music. This is a very important skill and can really help you to develop your skills and confidence. In addition you will learn important exercises and techniques so you can keep improving.

Who can learn?

School of Percussion is proud to cater for a wide variety of learners. We can teach male and female drummers from age 7 and up. It is never too late to start and we can organise sessions to suit any scheduling requirements. Whatever your skill level we can create a programme to suit you that focuses on achieving your goals.

How do sessions work?

The best way to learn to drum is through one on one tuition. That way you get the right support and can engage with the sessions. Steve will show you techniques before encouraging you to try and offering advice. Sessions can be half an hour lessons or hour-long.

If you want to take the best drum lessons in North Yorkshire please contact School of Percussion or book sessions online via our website.