Drum Lessons in Northallerton

Drumming is a great hobby that can turn into an even better profession. Learning to play offers many benefits, from improving your coordination and timing to exploring your creativity. In addition there are plenty of different styles you can learn, meaning there is always something new. If you want to try School of Percussion is pleased to offer the best drum lessons in Northallerton.

Who is the teacher?

All of the drum lessons we offer are one on one sessions with Steve Blakeburn. Steve has decades of experience as a touring musician as well as a professional teacher. In that time he has played at high profile venues around the world alongside renowned artists. He also has a 100% pass rate in grading, ensuring that every learner gets the skills they need to pass the exams and gain their qualifications.

How do sessions work?

When people learn to drum it is important to feel comfortable and relaxed. That is why we ensure all sessions are in the learner’s home. This is beneficial for numerous reasons, including the fact that the learner will practice on their own kit if they have one. The advantage here is it builds familiarity.

Sessions can last for half an hour or a full sixty minutes. We are flexible and will adapt to suit any kind of schedule. The prices are based on the amount of time you want.

What do programmes include?

Each learner is unique and has specific goals. For example they may be beginners looking to get started with the foundations and then progress from grade 1 to 8. Alternatively, they could already have drumming experience and be looking to expand their skills by mastering different styles. Consequently, we can create a programme to suit any requirements.

A typical drumming programme can include:

  • Exploring the basics of drumming
  • Sight reading
  • Studying towards different grades
  • Practising and exercise techniques
  • Tips for performing live

Everybody is welcome

School of Percussion offers drum lessons for males and females from age 7 upwards. Whatever your skill level we can help you to improve your skills and move forward with your drumming. Full support will be offered throughout and Steve will also answer any questions you may have.

If you want to take drum lessons in Northallerton please give us a call. You can also book online via our website.